About Our Company

Oasis Car Wash and Drye

Is a locally owned and operated Searcy, AR based business.  Our beautiful and spotless facility is open 24 hours a day for your convenience and is located at 700 E Beebe Capps Expressway.  We’ve got you covered with clean…providing an automatic Soft Touch bay, a Touchless Bay, three self-serve car washes, and three dog washes.

Oasis Car Wash and Drye’s Touchless Tunnel is quite unique because of the ability to wash everything from Smart Cars to Dually(1) trucks quickly and efficiently.  The automatic car wash bays offer customers four different wash cycles to choose from depending on your needs. 

Also available are monthly pre-paid plans using the “MyWashPass”.(2)  With the “MyWashPass”app, smart phone customers can upload license plates and billing information on their account.  Cameras recognize the plates when vehicles pull up to the tunnels.  The license plate is scanned- and the wash begins in a matter of seconds.  The monthly car wash passes are the best deal offered because customers will get a superior wash and a great value.  With the tunnel washes, you also get an option for a free vacuum.

The fully automated tunnels use a computerized technology that scans the dimensions of the vehicle and adjusts the washing system to the perfect fit of the vehicle when it is pulled in.  The car wash system will soak, soap, wash, polish, spot free rinse and dry your vehicle in a matter of minutes.

We also feature Searcy’s first dog wash!  Three self-serve bays are located in a climate controlled building, allowing for the most comfortable and convenient way to wash Fido.  This is totally different from the “bathtub experience” -the tubs are at a reasonable height with a ramp that provides the dog with easy access in and out of the tub.  After a through wash and dry the pups will be ready for a car ride through the tunnels.

The high-tech car wash systems, combined with the ease of the “MyWashPass”app and topped off with the innovative dog wash provides for the ultimate cleaning system.

(1) Note:  Dually trucks cannot safely be cleaned in the Soft Touch tunnel – only in the Touchless tunnel.

(2) Note:  “My Wash” passes are limited to 8 washes per month. 

The photo below was taken on our Grand Opening day- 

Many Searcy residents turned out to welcome us…